Glaciers in the Marrakech High Atlas

Our new paper which explores potential locations of glaciers in the Marrakech High Atlas is out now in Mediterranean Geoscience Reviews, and available Open Access.

You can read the paper here:

Whilst there are no glaciers in the High Atlas today, "niche" glaciers were evident as recently as last century. Snow patches, areas with late-lying snow, are evident today and in some cases are present all year round. The Névé Permanent is one such example (located on the Tazaghart plateau), which the team visited last year.

These patches give clues to the location of past glaciers, while their disappearance coincides with the trend towards warmer summer air temperatures since the 1970s. Exploring the fluctuations in snow and ice cover today, will help us understand the long-term climate and environmental trends in the High Atlas - and forms the basis for our future research.

Marrakech High Atlas, Morocco - check out the paper for details of the snow patches.

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