EGU 2021 - Palaeoenvironmental history at Yagour Plateau

We're at vEGU21, and Ben and Henk will be giving presentations to update on the project, this coming Thursday (29th April 2021).

If you can't make the conference, you can find the live 2 minute (single slide) and full display materials for both presentations on the website.

Henk will be giving an update on his work at Yagour Plateau, where we have a full Holocene and Late-glacial sediment core, analysed using multiple proxies.

This will be in the CL1.6 session, on Thursday 29th at 13:41 CEST (12:41 BST). You can read the full abstract and access the display materials here, or see below!

EGU 2021 - Live presentation slide

An update on the work at Yagour Plateau, showing the age model (~30 14C dates), sedimentology and select pollen concentrations, with a comparison to the speleothem oxygen isotope record from South-West Morocco (Sha et al. 2019).

For more details on the slide and the work at Yagour, check out the full presentation in the video below.

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